Core Businesses






We create,
to improve your wellbeing

From designing, producing to distributing glass mineral wool insulation and melt blown fabric, our manufactured goods are innovated to enhance everyone’s quality of living.





We build,
for a sustainable living

Developing properties means a lot more than just the creation of a habitable space; we believe in building for a healthier and more resilient future.





We grow,
to deliver nourishing food systems

Our plantation of tropical fruits and hatchery of freshwater aquaculture activities offers a broader selection of natural foods for good nutrition.



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The manufacturing division owns a portfolio of subsidiary companies that are mainly involved in manufacturing insulating products. As the core business of the Group, the manufacturing and selling of glass mineral wool (“GW”) segment has contributed to a significant portion of our Group’s revenue in FY2022. With close to 40 years of experience and distinguished track records in manufacturing, trading and progressive innovation; the manufacturing division has grown to become what it is today as one of the largest GW manufacturers in Southeast Asia. Our core manufacturing operations are strategically based at Penang with a manufacturing and warehousing facility operating on approximately 38,614 square meters of land.


square meters manufacturing and warehousing facilities


production per annum


product presence

PGF Insulation (Malaysia)

Established in the year of 1987, PGF Insulation designs, manufactures and distributes glass mineral wool(GW) insulation.The state of art manufacturing and warehousing facilities are based at  Perai Industrial Area in Penang with an additional Selangor branch sales office, where we service our clients from more than 10 different countries around the world along with 50 distributors in Asia.

GW is mainly used as an insulator on buildings to save energy and provide indoor comfort through thermal and acoustic insulation. Our products are promoted in the market under the brand name Ecowool, with two main product models: Classic and Brownie V2. 

Building insulators is a necessity for developed countries like the countries in Oceania, where building passive energy efficiency designs are embedded in the local building codes. Whilst GW is a common building material in those countries, this trend has also begun to emerge in developing countries such as Malaysia and Vietnam.

PGF Insulation (Australia)

PGF Insulation was established in 2022 with the first operating office in Victoria in order to meet the growing demand for our Ecowool products. With building insulators being made a necessity in Australia and New Zealand due to the local building codes; the expansion will allow PGF Insulation to continuously provide a seamless insulation solution directly to our customers in the Oceania region.

Property Development

Our aspiration to build sustainable townships began with the development of Diamond Creeks Country Retreat (“DCCR”); a project that is part of the 1,311.15 acres of leasehold land owned by the Group in Tanjong Malim. We aspire to build a better tomorrow by creating integrated spaces where communities can live and thrive in a safe, healthy and sustainable environment.

As such, the group is set to develop a new township in DCCR under a Joint-Venture Agreement (“JVA”) with Malvest Properties Sdn Bhd. With a gross development value of RM185 million, the project encompasses more than 500 residential units of different sizes and types to cater for different market needs; set for completion in 2024.


acres of landbank


residential units


of gross development value


Located off the Titiwangsa Range (Banjaran Titiwangsa) the Group’s agriculture and aquaculture division is more than just a regular farm — It’s a beacon for the future of local food security. We thrive to be reliable homegrown agricultural producers by continuously finding innovative ways to nurture, grow and harvest our local food supply to become more self-sufficient as a nation.


acre freshwater aquaculture centre


acres of tropical fruit plantations