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Located off the Titiwangsa Range (Banjaran Titiwangsa), the Group’s agriculture and aquaculture division is more than just a regular farm — It’s a beacon for the future of local food security. We thrive to be reliable homegrown agricultural producers by continuously finding innovative ways to nurture, grow and harvest our local food supply to become more self-sufficient as a nation.


acres of freshwater aquaculture centre


acres of tropical fruit plantations

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Diamond Creeks Eco Farm Sdn Bhd

Diamond Creeks Eco Farm Sdn Bhd (“DCEF”) was incorporated on December 2020 to carry out plantation of tropical fruits primarily durian (mainly Musang King) and other fruits such as mangosteen, passion fruit and kumquat in Diamond Creek Country Retreat. Through DCEF, a total of approximately 200 acres have been allocated for durian plantation where the king of fruits was cultivated since early 2022. Having to recognize the significant growth in terms of the domestic market and export demand for these tropical fruits, especially durian, we are constantly innovating our farming practices and infrastructures that could further increase yields, improve the efficiency of natural resources, on top of building sustainability and resilience across crop cultivation.

DCEF business entails the plantation, harvesting, transportation, processing, marketing, sales and distribution of tropical fruits, as well as other related downstream business activities. Our mission is to promote sustainable agriculture practices to achieve the highest quality produce while ensuring food supply resilience, as part of the nation’s top priority. We believe that the consumption of local yields can help to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Diamond Creeks Aquatech Sdn Bhd

Diamond Creeks Aquatech (“DCA”), is a joint venture company with Hong Len Aquatic Sdn Bhd (“HLA”) to execute and manage the hatchery of freshwater aquaculture and related activities in DCCR. HLA and its founder have been involved in the business of fish fingerlings since the 1980s and have a wealth of experience and awards in fish cultivation. HLA was awarded Bionexus status in 2014 by the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation, an agency under the Ministry of Science and Technology. Mr. Steven Lai, the founder of HLA, has received the Aquaculture & Kelisa Excellence Award in 2018 for his contribution to the nation’s aquaculture sector.

Malaysia is a net importer of fishery products. The fishery sector has been playing an important role as a major supplier of animal protein to the Malaysian population for decades. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (“FAO”), in 2017, total fishery production of the country amounted to 1.7 million tonnes, including close to 1.5 million tonnes from capture and 0.2 million tonnes from aquaculture (excluding seaweeds).

With Malaysia’s growing population, increasing affluence, and the recognition that fish is actually the healthier source of animal protein, the consumption of fish per capita is expected to grow from 45kg/year in 2000 to 64kg/year in 2020. With the projected increase in demand, the supply of fish fingerlings is crucial to satisfy the demand for fishery products. However, according to the Fishery Department, locally produced freshwater fish fingerlings have been on a decreasing trend. Global supply chain disruptions have also highlighted the importance of having more local food providers. Diamond Creek Country Retreat’s strategic location near the Titiwangsa Range (Banjaran Titiwangsa) provides limitless high quality fresh water that is ideal for fingerlings cultivation. In view of this and the market condition, the Group partnered up with HLA to venture into the business of aquaculture with a focus on supplying fish fingerlings. A 50-acre freshwater aquaculture centre by DCA was completed in April 2021 with an integrated indoor breeding and grow-out facility with annual fish fingerlings capacity of 5 million pieces per year.