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The manufacturing division owns a portfolio of subsidiary companies that are mainly involved in manufacturing insulating products. As the core business of PGF Capital, the manufacturing and selling of glass mineral wool segment has contributed to a significant portion of our Group’s revenue in FY2022. With close to 40 years of experience and distinguished track records in manufacturing, trading and progressive innovation; the manufacturing division has grown to become what it is today as one of the largest glass mineral wool manufacturers in Southeast Asia.


As part of our expansion strategy to provide more sustainable building materials to the community, we have expanded our footprint from Malaysia, to Australia and New Zealand as our main export market. Our core manufacturing operations are strategically based in Penang with a manufacturing and warehousing facility operating on approximately 38,614 square meters of land; with a combined manufacturing capacity of 25,000MT annually.


The majority of our glass mineral wool sales are for building application. Building insulator is a necessity for developed countries like the countries in Oceania, where building passive energy efficiency designs are embedded in the local building codes. PGF Capital’s primary focus is to deliver excellent insulation solution through our technical expertise in the industry while complying to internationally accredited standards and building codes. We believe in building resilient cities so that everyone can thrive in their home, school and workplace. Pledging our support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDG), we proactively support the worldwide’s agenda in promoting sustainable cities and communities along with climate action through the consistent research and development of our manufacturing output.


Our reputation and products are well known in the region as the building materials that have graced many reputable building projects around the world. Along with PGF Capital’s global relationships, contacts and trading scale, this growth will propel us to be one of the biggest building material groups in the region.


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PGF Insulation Sdn Bhd

While we retain our heritage that began as a family business in 1984, PGF Insulation Sdn Bhd has proudly grown from a pioneer of the Malaysia insulation industry to be the global leader in high-performance insulation that has been enriching lives from land to landmarks around the world through Ecowool product. Ecowool insulation is mainly used as an insulator on buildings to save energy and provide indoor comfort through thermal and acoustic insulation. They are mainly installed on roof, ceiling, drywall, ducts and pipes for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

By the early 1990s, as Ecowool had gained steady recognition in the domestic market, we started expanding beyond Malaysia’s shores to our neighbouring countries, such as Singapore. Since then, we have been expanding our global presence with Australia and New Zealand as our first few export markets. Over the years, Ecowool products have been installed in some of the country’s renowned projects from the Tun Razak Tower, Istana Negara, A Famosa to local buildings nationwide.

Ecowool Classic products are the conventional GW produced using thermosetting resin. Ecowool Classic covers the full range of products that the plant can produce. Ecowool Brownie was launched in 2013 in response to increasing demand for products that can meet more stringent environmental requirements. It is produced using a different type of binder technology with low volatile organic compound and no added formaldehyde. In 2022, we have upgraded the Brownie product range to Brownie V2 as a sign of our relentless pursue for sustainable products. The Brownie V2 products are formulated with an innovative anti-formaldehyde binding system called SensiTouch, to meet the requirement for Green Building designers set by the Malaysian Green Building Council (MGBC).

With safety and comfort as our priority and commitment towards the building performance, Ecowool product complies to CIDB, SIRIM and MGBC Green Rating system. With a series of solid brand portfolios and corporate credentials including Ecowool, PGF Insulations is widely recognised for their effort and contribution in pushing the boundaries of insulation solutions. Thanks to strong international partnerships and global networks in more than ten countries around the world, PGF Insulation is poised to make its mark to be a significant regional market player within Asia and Ocenia’s insulation industry.

Concrete Energy Sdn Bhd

Concrete Energy specialises in the manufacturing of melt blown fabric, a key component that are used in a variety of applications; mainly in personal hygiene, roofing, carpeting, upholstery, and medical products. Melt blown fabric is meant to filter out pollutants from the air – not just viruses and bacteria but dust, abrasives, aerosol droplets and asbestos fibers, just to name a few. Concrete Energy’s in-house production has played a key role in building up a long-term competitive local supply for melt blown fabric for various applications; including industrial respirators, vacuum cleaner bags, automotive cabin filters and even microbiological filters.

Melt blown fabric is a critical piece in most personal protection equipment (PPE), used by medical professionals to protect them from the exposure to hazardous airborne and aerosolized pathogens, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. By leveraging on our expertise in man-made fibres technology and manufacturing experience, Concrete Energy have been manufacturing and supplying high quality melt blown fabric that are compliant to health authorities’ requirement, for businesses and consumers to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Our melt blown fabric can be found in most types of masks available in the market, including the N95 (FFP2), N99 (FFP3), KN95, and 3-Ply surgical face mask.

PGF Global Distribution Sdn. Bhd.

In order to meet the demand of the ever-changing building and construction industry, the products of our trade were no longer limited to insulating materials. As a trusted building material supplier in Malaysia, we have been persistent in developing products and systems to simplify the supply chain for your building project, acting as a one-stop centre for architecture solution that are suitable for residential application to industrial structural works. Our mission in PGF Global Distribution is to provide building solutions are a part of our everyday world: in our homes, the structures of buildings and on the surfaces of historical buildings.

PGF Global Distribution carries an extensive array of products ranging from radiant barrier, adhesives, ceiling and roof systems to safety tools that will complement our self-manufactured glass mineral wool products as the core business of our Group. The company established its online flagship store on two of Malaysia’s largest e-commerce platforms, Shopee and Lazada, in mid-2022; and has fulfilled more than 200 orders up to date to homeowners, contractors and DIY-builders nationwide. This initiative will drive better connectivity with end users through an effective supply chain, offering products and technical services to help them improve the quality of life, comfort, aesthetics and safety in their building.

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PGF Insulation Pty Ltd

Building insulator is a necessity for Australian buildings, where building passive energy efficiency designs are embedded in the local building codes. To ensure a consistent supply of Ecowool insulation to meet the energy efficiency requirements as set out in the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC), PGF Insulation has set up a subsidiary in 2022, headquartered at Victoria. Ecowool products are manufactured to suit the Australian climate and requirement, according to the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC). They can be installed on the roof, wall, pipes and HVAC for thermal and acoustic comfort. The newly established Australia branch is currently operated by a group of experienced staffs who has been in the insulation industry for more than a decade. Armed with up-to-date technical knowledge on architecture trend, the team is committed to providing best-in-class customer service.

This expansion will allow PGF Insulation to continuously provide a manufacturer’s direct solution from Malaysia, to some of the most renown building projects in Australia such as Uno Melbourne and Focus Apartments. With an efficient supply chain network, in-depth market knowledge, the ability to fill orders and deliver high quality products, Ecowool’s product presence in Australia is set to achieve a new milestone for the coming years.

PGF Technical Textile

The harsh and ever-changing climate around the world calls for a durable and quality building membranes that can enhance the performance of building insulators. Breathable membranes are typically installed to the outer side of the insulation to allow water vapour to escape from inside of the building element. This membrane features exceptional breathability, wind tightness and weather tightness to cope with the harsh Australian weather.

PGF Technical Textile has built long-standing relationships with world-renowned partners, which has allowed us to broaden and develop our product range while expanding our technical textiles knowledge. Our continued growth and industry expertise ensures we provide high-quality technical fabric services to our valued customers.

Ecowool Insulation Pty. Ltd.

Ecowool Pty Ltd is an appointed distributor of PGF Insulation, helping the Group to grow Ecowool’s portfolio with business development activities since 2018, supplying to most parts of Western Australia. Having worked hand in hand as a strategic partner to PGF Insulation, Ecowool Pty Ltd has played an essential role in supporting our Australian client base with local offices, warranties and services. The company carries most of Ecowool’s standard range products; namely the Ecowool Wall Batts, Ceiling Batts, CondenBreak and NoiseBreak for residential and commercial buildings.